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Dog Breeders in Tupelo, MS

Are you looking for a dog breeder in Tupelo Mississippi? Depending on the type of breed you are looking for you might be able to find it here locally. Below is a resource of local dog breeders in Tupelo. You can also check out dog shelters or rescues and adopt your new dog or puppy that way.

Riddle Bulls

Number: (662) 260-1010

Address: 315 Rd 151, Tupelo, MS 38801

Website: riddlebulls.com

Breeds: Riddle Bulls

Old Southern Kennels

Number: (662) 553-4199

Address: 1807 Nelle St, Tupelo, MS 38801

Website: germanshepherds.com
Breeds: German shepherds

Dog Shelters and Rescues in Tupelo, MS

Tupelo Lee Humane Society

Number: (662) 205-4221
Address: 2795 Cliff Gookin Blvd, Tupelo, MS 38801
Website: tupeloleehumane.org

Compassion First

Number: (662) 842-4029
Address: Post Office Box 2401, Tupelo, MS 38803
Website: Compassionfirst.com

Tupelo Lee Humane Society

Number: (662) 841-6501
Address: 2400 South Gloster St., Tupelo, MS 38801
Website: tupeloleehumane.org

Why Choose A Local Dog Breeder In Tupelo Mississippi

Are you looking to get a new puppy for your family and want to try out a dog breeder in your area? Many families have gone the route of adopting their next dog, some will choose to adopt older dogs and others will want to have a specific dog breed that fits their family. Depending on the breed of dog you are looking for, it is usually best to find a local breeder which is why if you live in Tupelo, try to find a dog breeder within your area.

Below we will list a few of the main reasons why you should choose a local dog breeder.

Location of Breeders

If you live in Tupelo and you find a breeder within your area you can actually visit where the puppies were born. This is important because not all dog breeders will care for their pups, or give them a clean, safe and family friendly environment. You want to avoid breeding farms at all costs. Those are people who breed dogs just for the money.

Clean and Family Friendly Environment

Many people who choose to find a breeder do so for a few reasons. Some dogs are more family friendly than others. Some are looking for hypoallergenic dogs, which allows them to enjoy a dog that doesn’t cause allergies. Having a dog bred into a clean and family friendly environment will go a long way in how the personality of that dog develops. If you were to find a dog in a bad environment you might notice that they are scared, not well cared for, hungry and may be suffering from other health issues.

Questions To Ask Breeders in Tupelo MS

To help your quest of finding your next dog, here are some questions you may want to ask the breeder. You want to make sure you avoid “puppy mills”, “puppy factories”, “puppy farms” at all costs. The places that breed dogs for profit most likely don’t have their dogs living inside their own home or within a family environment.

  1. How are your dogs raised from birth until adoption.
  2. Where do your dogs live and how are they socializing with other dogs or family members.
  3. How often are your dogs fed, bathed, played with.
  4. Can I come by and see the puppy.

These questions will help you know if you found a good breeder. If a breeder is in it for the money only they most likely try to meet you at a public location rather than allowing you to come by their home or place of breeding.

We do encourage you to contact your local animal shelter, or rescues to see what dogs they may have available before contacting a local breeder.